Why “Chain Of Legends” ?!

Earn money playing games online


“Chain Of Legends” is a one-of-a-kind Play to Earn game well-known for its particular multi-earning systems among Play to Earn players. The game token’s remarkable comeback performance during the bearish tide of the crypto market made it a distinguished economic game. So, “Chain Of Legends” became one of the Best Play-to-Earn games on the BNB chain. As their slogan indicates, $CLEG is $Bitcoin of P2E games!

Obviously, “Chain Of Legends” is the very chance that people were waiting to earn money by playing games online!

What has made “Chain Of Legends” the best play-to-earn game?

“Chain Of Legends” intends to solve the most common issue of NFT earning games which is nothing but a permanent price decline after a mass adoption period.

· A 60% tokenomics section dedicated to the Play-to-Earn part of the game allows the players to Mine $CLEG up to the year 2034 in a perfectly designed way that suppresses the mining production rate and production amount all along the Roadmap periodically, 5% each time called as “Mining Cycles”! “Mining Cycles” is the exclusive unique feature of this game.

· A mining limit system prevents players from Mining $CLEG more than a defined amount. Therefore, it distributes the Mining and PvE rewards on a regular basis throughout the day. In the mining section, extra Demand leads to an elevated price of NFT lands in the marketplace. But in the PvE section, it leads to a latency of finding Dungeons, prolonging the adventure period.

· Aggressive $CLEG burn system, on the 15th of each month, burns 70% of all tokens that players have spent in different parts of the game. The remaining 30% goes to the reward pool.

How to use $CLEG by investing it in the game?

$CLEG has numerous utilities after only eight months. Other utilities are also yet to come. Here a few of them are mentioned.Mining: Building $CLEG Mine, Stone Mine, and Iron Mine to enable earning income.Adventures: Building Barracks, Training Heroes and troops, and joining Guilds to go to “Dungeons” and “Treasure Islands” to have an amusing incomeMarketplace: A delightful place to trade resources and NFTs that are available in the game with $CLEG, the native token of “Chain Of Legends.”

NFT Earning Game with Multi-Earning Methods

Multiple earning methods by playing the NFT earning game, “Chain Of Legends,” has made it very attractive for gamers, investors, influencers, and even traders to join the “Chain Of Legends” ecosystem and start earning income.To the point that even players who are looking for free crypto games on the BNB chain got to know this opportunity and started to take benefit of this wonderful Play to Earn game.

Mining $CLEG, Mining Stone and Iron, Dungeons, Treasure Islands, a unique Marketplace for trading every in-game asset, and a very tempting Referral system are the multi-earning methods of the best Play-to-Earn game.

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