TaskOn in Zebec Community: accelerate user growth for Web3 projects

In January 2023, we announced TaskOn reached cooperation with Zebec Protocol. Then, there were several campaigns created for celebration. On Feb 10th, one of the TaskOn community managers Sam was invited as a guest to Zebec Community and shared his view of TaskOn, collaboration & Web3 future.

Here is the recap of this AMA:

What was the inspiration behind creating TaskOn?

Web3 is decentralized, not only in terms of rights, but also in terms of information. emerging or developing products/projects don’t often have enough channels or paths to attract scattered users. Users also don’t have enough channels to understand the products/projects that keep emerging, let alone join the ecology to gain earnings.

How to build a channel between the product/project and the users to meet the needs of both sides and achieve a win-win situation? On Twitter, Web3 project promotion and user growth often revolve around a number of KOL accounts that post campaigns asking users to follow project’s account tweets, retweet, leave comments, etc. and select lucky users from the comments to give out rewards.That’s why we created TaskOn, replacing manual labor with a more automated method to support campaign creation and reward distribution. TaskOn aims to provide a platform that would accelerate the promotion of Web3 products/projects and provide users with ongoing opportunities to gain.

What is TaskOn?

TaskOn is a platform that boosts the completion for various Web3 tasks in a decentralized way. It helps task initiators and implementers to collaborate efficiently and better align mutual interests.

Now, we have released both the client versions for PC and Mobile, and the new TaskOn Extension v1.1.0, which helps KOLs on Twitter to quickly generate secure and free Giveaway campaigns in a fully automated way, reducing their costs of hosting events. It also helps users to get timely information about newly released events and prizes winning on Twitter to avoid missing any opportunity to win.

What are some of the biggest features of TaskOn?

TaskOn currently provides campaign creators with a variety of task templates, guidance throughout the process, and even services to help publish the event. The process is also automated, including the screening of participants, detection of task completion and eligibility for prizes, etc., which not only saves time but also ensures the accuracy of aiming at the target users. And for users who participate in the campaign, the opportunity to receive a reward and fairness is of utmost importance. Therefore, TaskOn not only checks their task completion when accurately screening winning users, but also sets up automated prize draws. What’s more, users can participate in more activities in TaskOn to win various rewards. The more you participate, the greater your chances of winning.

Currently, the TaskOn Roles Program V3.0 is in full swing inTaskOn Discord, so you can also participate to get roles and corresponding rewards.

In this way, we can provide a large number of real, high-quality users for projects to expand ecology. At the same time, projects can also learn and find high-quality Web3 projects through TaskOn. In turn, we can achieve a win-win situation for both projects and users.

What are some of the benefits of using TaskOn vs others in the same lane as you?

First of all, The user of TaskOn doesn’t fall into the same category with the user of other platforms, which shows that TaskOn can help projects grow more users. At the same time, the TaskOn team can provide one-stop services such as campaign creation and social media promotion, saving the learning and time cost of project teams.

On the product side, Task provides PC client, mobile version and plug-in version, which not only meet the needs of project teams to create and publish campaigns with flexibility, but also enable users to participate in various activities anytime and anywhere.

On the user side, TaskOn is committed to giving all users an equal chance to win rewards and has set up a series of mechanisms to ensure the fairness and performance in security. Also, the competition is low in our current campaigns, while the rewards are considerable, with some users even receiving rewards of up to $200 during our Christmas campaign in December. In January, some users won rewards for more than 40 times. So, you are very welcome to participate in TaskOn now!

How do you guys see collaborations and partnerships in the Crypto and Web3 space?

How important is it to collaborate with other projects especially in this bear market.

Generally speaking, the future development trend of Web3 is the co-existence of cooperation and competition.

The cooperation is not only the joint effort in innovation in functionality, but also the integration and expansion of ecology, such as the combination of NFT and DeFi, NFT and DAO, DeFi and Social, and even the cooperation between Web2 and Web3. These combinations not only foster new business and products, but also build a larger ecology to attract more users.

Especially at the moment, the volume of Web3 native users is gradually shrinking due to the bear market, while Web2 users find it difficult to enter Web3 due to the learning cost and usage threshold, etc. Therefore, the cooperation to integrate the community and ecology and exchange the resources of users is a faster and more effective way to solve the user growth problem.

Recently we partnered up with TaskOn. Tell us a little bit more about the partnership and how it played out. How do you see us moving forward?

Our cooperation will first be reflected in the release of follow-up events. TaskOn will help organize a series of events for the projects and the community, which will not only provide incentives for existing community users, but also attract more users to enlarge the community and vitalize the community.

Secondly, we will provide more opportunities for cooperation, including cooperation for large-scale events. For example, we held a celebration event for last year’s Christmas in cooperation with 35 projects, which gained great attention and attracted a large number of users. What’s more, we can also provide opportunities to cooperate with other projects, such as holding joint events. All of these end up as givebacks to bring great returns for our community members.

Of course we have many more activities, like community exchanges. Through these cooperation, we hope to contribute to the mutual benefits and build a stronger Web3 ecosystem together.

What are some the goals TaskOn is trying to accomplish for 2023?

First, TaskOn has launched its Extension v1.1.0 to help Twitter KOLs create giveaways, help users find and participate in campaigns. Now you can add it to your chrome for creating or participating.

Second, of course, we will optimize TaskOn, add more functions covering needs of user growth and support chains/ecosystems for more Web ecosystems.

Then, promoting more collaborations for Web3 is TaskOn’s long-term objective. Not only do we make partnerships with other projects, but also make partnerships between projects or projects and users, even Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

Please look forward to what we will achieve in the year of 2023!

How do you describe TaskOn Community

The Discord community built by TaskOn aims to provide a communication channel for B- and C-end users, where C-end users can learn about TaskOn products and activities, and B-side users can easily contact TaskOn and foster cooperation through the community.

It is a decentralized community, where users decide the development of the community and witness the growth of TaskOn. TaskOn team performs as a guide and provides service in building the framework to allow users to share and grow together.

At present, our community has established its own unique membership system, which gives community members different roles based on the types of tasks they are good at, and determines the membership points and the role level based on their contribution, persistence and loyalty to the community.

Welcome to join TaskOn community and BUIDL with us!

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About TaskOn

TaskOn is a Web3 task collaboration platform ideal for marketing and operations. It enables you to easily run campaigns to promote your brand, acquire new real users, grow your community, drive up volume, mint NFTs or manage a whitelist.

It’s a free Web3 version of Gleam, but way better, complete with a variety of templates for on-chain and off-chain tasks.

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