Beyond bridges: A look at the next generation of multichain communication

Achieving interoperability between different layer-1 networks is crucial for the growth and adoption of blockchain technology.

Xapo Bank to enable USDC deposits and withdrawals

According to the Bitcoin custodian, utilizing the USDC stablecoin will allow members to deposit and withdraw funds without fees.

SVB contagion: Australia purportedly asks banks to report on crypto

Australia’s prudential regulator has purportedly told banks to improve reporting on crypto assets and provide daily updates.

Euler Finance hacker starts returning stolen Ether

Chances that the hacker will return the entire loot of $197 million remain slim, as no more outbound transactions — other than the 3,000 ETH — were recorded at the time of writing.

BIS wraps exploration project on retail CBDC payment system

The bank concluded that a “hub-and-spoke” model between CBDC domestic systems could “reduce settlement and counterparty risk” and complete cross-border transactions in seconds.

Xapo Bank enables faster Bitcoin payments with Lightning Network

Xapo Bank members will now be able to instantly pay for small purchases of up to $100 at any vendor accepting Lightning payments.

Solana CEO hoses down claims network outages caused by on-chain voting

Solana Labs founder and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko said claims that Solana’s network outages were caused by on-chain voting were born out of “pure ignorance.”

‘Unworkable’ bill to ban blockchain immutability is introduced in Illinois

Florida-based lawyer Drew Hinkes described the bill as “the most unworkable state law” related to blockchain and cryptocurrency that he has ever seen.

OFAC-compliant blocks on Ethereum hit three-month low of 47%

Back in November, the percentage of Ethereum blocks complying with orders from the Office of Foreign Asset Control peaked at 79%.

Bitcoin hits record 44M non-zero addresses, thanks to Ordinals: Glassnode

Glassnode noted that this is the first time in Bitcoin history that the network has been used for purposes other than monetary.