Improving Bitcoin NFT marketplace infrastructure sets the stage for ecosystem growth

Bitcoin NFT inscription activity continues to rise and the launch of new BTC specific marketplaces could lay the groundwork for the next hype cycle.

Microsoft reportedly testing Edge browser Web3 wallet integration

The supposed screenshots show a noncustodial crypto and NFT-friendly Microsoft Web3 wallet embedded into Edge.

Trezor crypto wallet’s move into the semiconductor business isn’t for everyone

Trezor plans to build its hardware wallet chips, but other crypto companies still prefer third-party imports due to technical and financial barriers.

Silk Road Bitcoin for sale? US government-linked addresses transfer $1B in BTC

US law enforcement agencies have confiscated thousands of BTC from the Silk Road over the years, and a significant chunk of it has been auctioned from time to time.

Jack Dorsey’s TBD launches C= to improve Bitcoin Lightning Network

C= (pronounced C equals) aims to further the reach of the Bitcoin Lightning Network through added liquidity and routing services.

El Salvador’s ‘limited’ use of Bitcoin prevents forecasted risks, says IMF

The IMF has suggested that El Salvador “reconsider” its plans for Bitcoin following a recent visit to the country.

Bitcoin price more correlated to FTX developments than macro events: Research

While inflation has an effect on the price of Bitcoin, researchers were bewildered by bitcoins resilience to other macroeconomic factors.