Crypto Fear and Greed Index hits highest level since Bitcoin’s all-time high

Sentiment toward the crypto market is the most positive its been since around the time Bitcoin hit its all-time high almost 16 months ago.

Mt. Gox registration deadline pushed for another month

Mt. Gox creditors have another month to file for their claims as the registration deadline was pushed back by another month.

Bitcoin thought leaders weigh the pros and cons of Ordinals

What do Bitcoin ecosystem CEOs make of Ordinals, and what does the video game Doom have to do with it?

‘Scammers dream’ — Yuga’s auction model for Bitcoin NFTs sees criticism

Yuga Labs’ first Bitcoin NFT collection saw some backlash from the crypto community over the weekend, pointing to flaws in how it conducts the auction.

Most blockchain advocates haven‘t even used Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the original blockchain, struggles to gain traction among blockchain advocates — an opinion from one of Europe’s largest blockchain conferences.

BIS head claims fiat won battle with crypto, Bitcoin community disagrees

BIS general manager Agustín Carstens reckons the war between fiat and crypto has been won by fiat. The community disagrees.

Luxor Mining acquires OrdinalHub amid Bitcoin-based NFTs hype

The Bitcoin mining firm said it is acquiring OrdinalHub amid a flurry of interest in mining and purchasing Bitcoin-based NFTs, known as Ordinals.

UK think tank launches a crusade against ‘surveillance’ CBDCs

The Bank of England’s plans for a CBDC launch raise concern among U.K. Tax Reform Council and the broader Bitcoin community.