BIS wraps exploration project on retail CBDC payment system

The bank concluded that a “hub-and-spoke” model between CBDC domestic systems could “reduce settlement and counterparty risk” and complete cross-border transactions in seconds.

BIS head describes ideal ‘unified ledger’ for central banks and other financial users

Speaking in Singapore, Agustín Carstens described a ledger that would accommodate a variety of public and private projects in discrete but connectable parts.

Trading on major exchanges spiked following collapse of Terra, FTX: BIS report

The report suggests that whales with Binance, FTX and Coinbase “probably cashed out at the expense of smaller holders” by reducing their BTC stockpiles as retail investors bought.

BIS head claims fiat won battle with crypto, Bitcoin community disagrees

BIS general manager Agustín Carstens reckons the war between fiat and crypto has been won by fiat. The community disagrees.

BIS-funded regulator to probe DeFi entry points like stablecoins

Despite providing many novel services, DeFi does not differ substantially from traditional finance in its functions, the Financial Stability Board stated.