Nifty News: Jimmy Fallon wants exemption from BAYC trademark case

Jimmy Fallon wants out of the BAYC trademark case, while Blur is responsible for the NFT market’s three-month high.

Bitcoin NFT auction nets $16.5M in 24 hours: Nifty Newsletter, March 1–7

An NFT generator powered by artificial intelligence was recently launched by crypto exchange Binance, with 10,000 mints in 2.5 hours.

Yuga Labs’ first Bitcoin NFT auction nets $16.5M in 24 hours

The highest of the 288 bidders forked out just over 7 BTC for one of the 288 Bitcoin Ordinals-based NFTs up for auction.

Bitcoin core dev calls out ‘misleading’ auction selling his code as an NFT

Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr has called out the sellers behind an NFT auction for using his name and code without his knowledge or consent.