Meta scraps NFTs on Instagram and Facebook: Nifty Newsletter, March 8–14

Meta discontinues NFT services on Instagram and Facebook, and Binance NFT marketplace adds support for trading NFTs on the Polygon blockchain network.

11 classic memes that have been sold as NFTs

Iconic memes as NFTs: Own a piece of internet history with Nyan Cat, Stonks and more.

The metaverse is getting a greenhouse and garden full of NFT flowers

The Heterosis project allows users to collect breedable, dynamic NFTs of digital flowers, all housed in a metaverse rendition of London’s National Gallery.

BNB Chain hackathon winner accuses Binance of stealing AI-powered NFTs idea

Chatcasso won the first prize in the BNB Chain hackathon for creating an AI-powered tool for creating NFTs and won $5,000 in BUSD, held in Seoul between Dec. 17 to 19, 2022.

Binance’s AI-powered NFT generator hits 10K mints in 2.5 hours

In the limited beta, Bicasso was taking user-submitted profile pictures and turning them into a work of digital art in seconds.

Titanic artifacts to be tokenized as NFTs in new partnership

Real-world artifacts from the famous Titanic wreckage are set to be tokenized as NFTs through a new partnership using blockchain technology.

5 ways to monetize your digital art with NFTs

Monetizing digital art with NFTs provides proof of ownership, increased value and potential for royalties.

Yuga Labs accused of IP theft for trademarking BAYC wolf skull logo

NFTs were introduced to the world to help solve the illegal use of intellectual property and protect artists — the very thing Yuga Labs has been accused of doing.

France’s top modern art museum to display CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs NFTs

A new exhibition targeting the intersection of art and blockchain will open this spring at the Centre Pompidou, home of the first collection of modern art in Europe.

Community-centric NFT collection for the hustlers goes live to the public

Community-based NFT ecosystems demonstrate utility to outlive the bear market with coveted rewards for their collectors.