Scam alert: MetaMask warns users of deceptive March 31 airdrop rumors

MetaMask posted a warning on its Twitter after coming across rumors of an upcoming MetaMask snapshot or airdrop on social media.

Arbitrum airdrop: Hacked vanity addresses used to siphon $500K

The tokens were stolen by someone who compiled vanity addresses eligible for ARB airdrops.

Arbitrum airdrop sees 1,500 addresses consolidate $3.3M into two wallets

One wallet received $2 million in ARB, while another collected around $1.38 million worth of tokens.

Arbitrum airdrop sells-off at listing, but traders remain bullish on ARB

ARB sold off upon being listed on exchanges, and some users reported a claim experience laden with tech issues, but the token could follow the trajectory of previous airdrops.

Arbitrum’s ARB token signifies the start of airdrop season — Here are 5 to look out for

Arbitrum’s upcoming ARB token has everyone excited about the next potential airdrop, and it looks like there’s more to come.

DefiLlama resolves internal strife, sends LLAMA token plans alpaca’n

After resolving the issue internally, the forked variant of its analytics platform now redirects to the official website.

Speculators flock to Arbitrum IOU tokens ahead of this week’s ARB airdrop

Crypto exchanges looking to capitalize off the Arbitrum airdrop fever have launched IOU and derivatives for ARB, an early sign of the excitement that will unfold on March 23.

Arbitrum token finds its way to OTC market before airdrop

Following the Arbitrum airdrop announcement, crypto users eligible for it are already selling them in OTC markets.

Beware of fake Arbitrum airdrops, community warns

The community has warned others to stay vigilant after reports of phishing websites and scams offering Arbitrum airdrop tokens.

‘I anti-endorse these projects’ — Buterin’s shitcoin war sees him sent another 250K

Earlier this week, the Ethereum co-founder sold $700,000 worth of “shitcoins.”