How blockchain can help reimagine a new state in Africa

Eche Emole, the co-founder of Afropolitan, explains how the nation-state experiment has failed, especially in Africa, and how blockchain can be used to reimagine a new state.

Nigeria CBDC adoption spikes as fiat currency shortage grip the nation

The acute cash shortage in Nigeria was due to the central bank’s decision to replace older bank notes with bigger denominations amid rising inflation.

Metamask, Moonpay partner to allow Nigerians buy crypto directly

Metamask, Moonpay partner to allow Nigerians buy crypto directly

In 2021, the central bank of Nigeria ordered banks to stop facilitating cryptocurrency transactions and close all crypto-related accounts.

Developed markets lagging behind in digital payments: BlackRock CEO

In a letter to investors, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink highlighted the benefits of digital assets and said developing nations like the U.S. are lagging behind in innovation.

Web3 platform partners with self-custody wallet to broaden crypto adoption in Africa

Cassava Network’s recent v3 product launch allows Africa’s Web2 users to get onboarded to Web3 while earning rewards and increasing their income.

Why Senegal rejects the CFA and is warming to Bitcoin: video

Why is there a groundswell toward Bitcoin adoption in Dakar? And could it influence neighboring countries and regions to explore magic internet money?

Bitcoin Lightning Network growth is organic, coming from real-world adoption

Bitcoin Lightning Network adoption receives a boost with the launch of U.S. dollar payments and the decentralized social media platform Nostr.