Aave freezes stablecoin trading on Avalanche V3 as activity surges on CEXs

The trading freeze follows an analysis from DeFi’s risk manager firm Gauntlet Network considering different scenarios for the USD Coin price.

Aave DAO votes for ‘rescue plan’ to save lost tokens

The plan intends to allow developers to recover tokens from certain Aave contracts and send them to owners who transferred them by mistake.

Avalanche (AVAX) price is up, but do fundamentals support the rally?

AVAX price has been in a strong rally since the start of 2023, but a sustained uptick in its DeFi components is needed in order to sustain the current bullish momentum.

DeFi protocols unite to promote permissionless Web3 experiences

The collaboration of over 30 DeFi projects is an effort to counteract the negative sentiments built in 2022 due to numerous CeFi ecosystem crashes.