Self_destruct attack on the Belifex contract

Beloved Community,

As most of you might already be aware that all BEFX in there wallets have been lost. During the night of Feb-11–2023 12:33:01 AM +UTC Belifex have suffered from an exploit in our Belifex CONTRACT.
This exploit is known as the SELF_DESTRUCT EXPLOIT or ATTACK

Due to this, all BEFX started to dissapear from everyone’s wallet including those which we are keeping for marketing purposes. The TOTAL SUPPLY from BEFX started to decrease and hit 0.

No more tokens are now circulating or even possible to recover.

The attack was well executed and hit the Belifex in 3 waves while using the service from Tornado Cash making it impossible to track his entire financial history.

The hacker has been attacking many other projects also.

Here you can see what they have lost also. Lucky for us we where in time to do some damage control for Belifex. and we recovered a small amount of BNB compensating this loss.

Sadly, this is something happening more often in crypto, but here at Belifex we are completely different from many other projects you have been dealing with, which were exploited as well, and gave up.

Because of this we are no longer able to operate under the current contract.So, we are allready thinking about relaunching Belifex in a new and more secured contract that it´s currently in early development stage. We´ll be using same chain for deployment, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) but we still don´t know yet on what method we need to compensate our holders who were harmed by the recent exploit.

In the past we have been hacked also on Altilly losing 35% of our total supply and losing many people there funds. internal hack/ EXIT scam also caused loss of funds for both community and team.

Yet we keep comming back and will recover from this 

As you can see for us, our community is one of the most important things in the project, and as long as you keep faith on us, we´ll do our best to reward your trust in us.

Belifex has show already small strenght but when we will be back on the grid and we will make this Volcano explode.

Be #BEFX, Be #Belifexian 
Keep an eye on our Twitter account

Belifex Announcement channel

Or join us for a chat and give your opinion to relaunch our Project into the new contract.   

Thanks for your understanding! Stay safu!

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