Rubic Weekly Report 02/09/2023


  1. Rubic’s Updated Roadmap

We are proud to share our updated Roadmap, which fully answers the question of how Rubic differs from other bridges and aggregators. We continue to constantly upgrade our hyper-convenient UX/UI and Widget/SDK with cutting-edge cross-chain tech features for users and dApps: limit orders, signals, scheduled calls, oracles, NFT bridges, and more.

Here’s our road to becoming the Ultimate Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator:

2. Limit Orders

On Monday, Rubic integrated 1inch Limit Orders, so our users can finally take advantage of one of the key features traders use to professionalize and automate their trading.
Rubic’s Limit Order Protocol will be available at on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, Gnosis, Arbitrum, and Aurora.

Rubic’s limit order feature is available on 9 chains, but for the moment it is only On-Chain, on the chains specified, and only on one network at a time.

You can read more about Limit Orders and Rubic’s Solution here: Limit Orders Feature on Rubic App!

3. Token Security Feature

This week, we’ve added a new feature to the Rubic App: the token selector now has a special sign in front of every token. The sign shows whether the token is reliable, or if it could be a scam (as per the GoPlus database).

There are 4 categories of token reliability/ security:

  1. The token is in the Go+ Trust List.
  2. The token has no elements of concern.
  3. The token code contains some low-risk elements of concern.
  4. The token code contains some high-risk elements of concern.
You can click on a shield icon if you want to know more details about the token’s reliability. You’ll be transferred to the GoPlus page devoted to that particular token security status.

GoPlus acts as a “security infrastructure” for Web3, providing open, permissionless, user-driven Security Services.

4. Stargate Integration

Rubic’s team is working on the integration of the Stargate bridge on the following 7 chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom.

Rubic users will be able to swap native assets across chains via Stargate in a single transaction.

The most outstanding feature of Stargate is that it uses Layer Zero’s ability to transmit information. This helps to connect each blockchain’s liquidity, and to improve the capital efficiency of the system as a whole.

The Rubic team is excited about both this integration plus the further development of Rubic and Stargate’s partnership.

Stargate’s Integration will go live after all of the audits are finished being conducted. ETA: the end of February.

We’ll keep you updated on the details!

5. Rubic’s App Update

This week, we’ve been working on improvements to our App. We’ve enhanced the loading time of Now, it’s significantly faster!

Rubic’s development team has also started to unify the appearance of token icons. All of the top token icons will appear in just one standardized manner.


  1. Huobi PrimeVote

We’re working hard on listing the new RBC on major central exchanges, as the new tokenomics have allowed us to allocate funds for listings.

As part of this process, we’ve applied to participate in Huobi PrimeVote. Some good news is that Huobi has selected Rubic as one of the 25 quality candidates. To vote for Rubic, you have to lock your $HT to earn voting rights starting from February 15th. The project that wins first place will be eligible to list its tokens on Huobi for trading. Please stay tuned and vote for Rubic if you have any $HT in your portfolio!

2. Rubic Cross-Chain Tools for GameFi

Since our aim is to become a comprehensive cross-chain solution for every dApp, we’re working on spreading the word about how Rubic’s Tools can be useful for countless different types of Web3 projects.

Our next article is devoted to the GameFi sector, as Rubic’s Cross-Chain Widget and SDK are very much helping hands there. How can our tools support GameFi development? Why do gaming platforms need to go Cross-Chain? Find out in our new article which will be published tomorrow at!

3. ProBit Trading Competition

Trading of the new RBC token has started on ProBit! Next week, we’re launching a trading competition for the RBC token on ProBit as well.

The Top 20 traders by volume will win a share of the reward pool, which comes to $5,000 in RBC. Join the race to the top!

4. Blockchain Fest 2023

Blockchain Fest Singapore is one of the most interactive events in South East Asia on Blockchain Tech, Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs, Mining, Gaming and Gambling, Online Payments, Investments, and the Fintech Industry.
Rubic’s co-founder, Alexandra, will be giving a speech about the difference between Cross-Chain and Multi-Chain architecture.

The Conference is taking place on the 16th and 17th of February, in Singapore.

5. Ambassador Program

Rubicans, we’re beginning our long-awaited Ambassador Program for Rubic Rangers!

You’re welcome to join the ranks of Rubic Rangers and start working together with the Rubic team!

What can you help with?

Creative Materials/Design:

Memes, articles, translations, data visualizations, animations, stickers, graphic materials.

Beta Testing:

Test new features and products.

Community Management:

Build and develop Rubic communities in any country and language where we’re not present.

Social Media:

Tweets, YT videos, posts, comments, reviews, etc., based on reach targets.

Becoming a Rubic Ranger will earn you some cubes and guarantee some special perks!

Follow this link in order to fill in a request form:

6. New “Cubesdrop” Contest for Using the Platform

Thanks to the launch of our new tokenomics at the end of 2022, we’re now capable of running bigger marketing campaigns!

We’re happy to announce our brand-new Cubedrop for Platform usage in 2023, which will be focused on boosting transactions at and bringing more people to the platform!

Right now, we’re working on the exact rules and conditions, which will be shared later. The program will start in March, will be live for 12 months, and your rewards will depend on your number of transactions at, as well as the number of NFTs you have gathered during various Rubic marketing activities.

Get your crypto ready, we’re going to have some fun very soon, Rubicans!

7. New SDK Integration

The SoulSwap DEX completed their integration of the Rubic SDK into their platform! From now on, Soulswap’s users can seamlessly swap tokens from the Fantom network to Avalanche, directly within the SoulSwap interface at:
Our Cross-Chain Tools enrich DEXs with new possibilities, and provide their users with more trading opportunities in the easiest-possible ways. You can read our article devoted to why DEXs need to go Cross-Chain here: DEX Omnichain Future: Rubic Tools as a Way to Go Cross-Chain

8. New Widget Integration

Meet the latest project in our ecosystem — Kabosu!

Kabosu, the internet-famous dog who inspired the “doge” meme and influenced digital culture for a decade.

9. Weekly Voice Chat

Join us today for Rubic’s traditional Voice Chat! Collin O’Brien will be reviewing our weekly achievements and future plans.

Tune in at 4PM UTC on Twitter:

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