Puli Enters Round 3 of the DoraHacks BNB Grant DAO

$PULI Enters Round 3 of the DoraHacks BNB Grant DAO

#PULI has been automatically entered into Round 3 of the DoraHacks #BNB Grant DAO vying for $30,000 in prizes!

Our entry into the competition can be found at DoraHacks and we share it here as well:

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PULI is the native token for casual mobile gaming. The games provide crypto-based play-to-earn experiences as well as NFT integration on both iOS and Android mobile devices.


What follows is a description of the project describing the leaders, what PULI is about, where the token can be purchased, some of the biggest accomplishments for PULI, how we are innovating in the space, what sets us apart from the competition, how we manage risk, as well as our go-to-market and user aquisition strategy,

Who are the Leaders of Puli ($PULI)?

Puli is a BSC Token managed by Christopher Johnson, Ph.D., Timothy Ojin, Mishaa Love, and Shane Cook. They are developing new play-to-earn games for the BSC ecosystem and most important, for their holders.

The team is also backed up by a support team with a Game Developer, Solidity Developer, NFT and 3D Designer, Branding Manager, and a Marketing Manager as well as a group of administrators and moderators on all social media platforms. In addition, gaming development is supported by a full gaming studio.

What Is Puli ($PULI)?

Puli is the native token for casual mobile gaming. The team behind Puli develops crypto-based play-to-earn experiences as well as NFT integration on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The project is listed on CoinMarketCap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/puli-inu/ as well as CoinGecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/puli with circulation supply reporting.
The website is: https://pulitoken.net/

Where Can I Buy Puli ($PULI)?

Puli is available for trading on several exchanges. The following exchanges have listed Puli:


DAR Exchange


Bridges Exchange

Flooz Trading


Bogged Finance


Arken Finance.

In addition, token holders can support the project by trading on the newly launched Puli Swap.

What are some of the biggest accomplishments for Puli ($PULI)?

The community is the driving force for the token and the games it will support. Without the community, Puli would not be a success. The leaders of Puli are especially grateful for all the contributions the community has made thus far.

The first game, Puli Runner, was released to PC on 31 January 2022 and was later published to Android and iOS in May 2022.
Puli Astro entered Open Beta for Android and iOS devices on 27 January 2023. This game, and the games that will follow, allow both Web2 and Web3 gameplay from the same app. This approach allows those that are new or not involved with cryptocurrencies to enjoy a similar experience and be introduced to the world of crypto.

Here is a video of our first game Puli Runner:

For the BUIDL competition at DoraHacks, the team at Puli is submitting our current project, Puli Astro, currently in beta testing:

Puli is audited by Coinscope, Interfi Network and Certik. All team members have passed KYC checks.

Finally, Puli has an upgraded reputation symbol and the coveted Blue Checkmark on BSCScan https://bscscan.com/token/0xaef0a177c8c329cbc8508292bb7e06c00786bbfc , which identifies the project as a valid public interest and separates the token from copycats and imposters.

How are we innovating in the space?

Every game developed by the team at Puli Token is innovative in the sense that they are fun to play if one is into cryptocurrencies of not. They are games first and Web2/Web3 agnostic. With in-app purchases and advertisement revenue coming from each game, the revenue streams ensure the prizes are self-sustained. In fact, the prizes have not had to be supplied by the Tokenomics of the project token. Though, they could be if needed. We are also proud that we can import NFT metadata and render 3D models of NFTs in our games. We plan to partner with other projects that would like to have their NFTs depicted as a 3D model in our arcade style games.

Being released on both Android and iOS is a great achievement. We have been able to keep our games on both platforms with special emphasis placed on the obstructions put in place by Apple. We have worked carefully with our reviewers to ensure our games are compliant with their policies (as constantly evolving as they are!).

What sets us apart from the competition?

Since competitors may offer similar products and services, it is critical that those who are looking to purchase PULI understand our competitive advantage.

The most unique features for the games published by the team of Puli include:

Released games on both Android and iOS — Puli Runner is available for download now and has passed all reviews by Apple and Google;

In-App Purchases via Google and Apple in-app stores;

Advertisement revenue via advertisements displayed in the games;

Functioning play-to-earn experiences in the games and;

Integration of NFTs minted at https://mint.pulitoken.net/ as 3D models in the game and used as game passes for the play-to-earn / win-to-earn experience.

How do we manage risk?

We manage risk based on schedule, cost, and scope.

Since we have decided to not sacrifice on cost, our risks are heightened when it comes to the scope and schedule of the project.

For example, we have mitigated the schedule risk by ensuring there is enough slack in our production schedule. Another mitigation step is proactive submissions for Android and iOS to accommodate enough time for their review process. This, in turn, reduces costs. We communicate these risk and mitigation strategies to our holders routinely.

Another risk is potential cost overruns. We carry a strategic financial reserve but manage costs by ensuring the scope of our project is kept within the frame of the overall effort. Items that are out-of-scope are mitigated and kept out of the production schedule.

We manage all aspects of schedule, cost, and scope in our Trello dashboard and have a quality manager, project manager, and developers working in collaboration with each other.

What is our go-to-market and user acquisition strategy?

Go-to-Market Strategy and User Acquisition

Puli’s Target Audience, Marketing Plan, and Sales Strategy are Vital to Long-Term Growth

Marketing Partnerships for User Acquisition: The mobile game industry is unique and requires a special brand of advertising. The team as Puli Token has partnered with an independent full-service mobile marketing agency focused on games: Udonis. Of special note, this agency is also smart in the ways of Web3 and can intelligently speak to the topic of crypto currencies and navigate the turbulent waters often associated with advertising with crypto-centered applications.

With a solid history behind them with successful soft and hard launches, as well as familiarity with the work done at Puli Token, we are confident we have selected a worthy partner to work with in terms of user acquisition.

Soft Launches: Each game at Puli is soft launched for us to gather important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The first and most important KPI to hit prior to a soft launch is Day 0 retention. Day 0 retention targets are approximately 30%. If we are near this Day 0 retention figure, we have a product ready to soft launch.

Demographics for User Acquisition: The demographics collected in our games thus far have indicated that a soft launch is best with Canada, UK, Australia, and the United States. Demographics that are culturally close but cheaper to soft launch include Ireland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Other cultures that are appropriate to our soft launches are the Philippines, India, and Turkey.

User Acquisition Costs: A rule of thumb for marketing a mobile game soft launch is to spend around 70% of game development costs in marketing. As such, the typical cost for a soft launch of a game developed by Puli will be between $15K – $20K USD.

Marketing Success Metrics: KPIs that are essential during a soft launch as well as a hard launch are related to:

Return on Advertising Spend


Monetization Metrics

Puli Socials

Puli Website

Puli Swap

Puli Twitter

Puli Telegram

Puli Discord

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