Panther Protocol’s Weekly update (10/03/2023)


  • Last week, Panther’s v0.5 domain was migrated due to an issue with IPFS. We have now confirmed with IPFS’ support that the issue is originating on their side, and continue looking for solutions.

    To avoid issues with users being unable to access v0.5 due to decentralized hosting, several mirrors will be linked from Panther’s site and docs. All mirrors will lead to the same dApp and contracts the DAO deployed. Minor UI fixes and retouches might be introduced along, too💪

  • Regarding the fees/rewards mechanism of Panther’s v1, development of its smart contract components is progressing. Mathematical models are now being put to test using modeling based on open data from transactions related to other privacy protocols.
  • Panther’s Co-founders and & core tech contributors also met up this week to workshop Panther’s roadmap, compliance design, and more. More news on this week’s AMA! Speaking of which…


  • Following our recent article on Panther’s progress toward decentralization, we posted a thread highlighting the measures taken to guarantee the long-term viability and stability of the protocol amidst an escalating regulatory landscape.
  • Panther’s community continues progressing toward setting up a self-decided governance framework and introduced a draft of its mission statement encompassing its objectives, values, and vision. Join the discussion.
  • For those who have been tracking Panther since its launch, it is clear that decentralization is at the core of Panther’s ethos. Significant progress has already been achieved Here is Anish Mohammed on Panther’s progressive approach to DAO governance.


  • Panther’s January update went live this week! Make sure to give it a read to learn about Panther’s tech development, including the first DeFi integration UI reveal!
  • A recent poll indicated that nearly 45% of voters selected “Private access to DeFi” as the most eagerly awaited feature, while 32% selected “Stealth Addresses”.👀
  • That’s it for this week! We’ll leave you with this clip of Co-founder Anish Mohammed explaining how ZKPs work as cutting-edge tools to enable privacy. Make sure to share it with a friend. Have a great weekend!
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