P2E Gaming Platform DeFi Kingdoms Partners with PlayOne Games to Drive Web3 Gaming Adoption

The NFT boom has taken the world by storm, and the potential for blockchain gaming has skyrocketed, leaving hobbyists and investors eager to get in on the action. The transformation of gaming from a leisurely pastime to a multi-billion-dollar industry is nothing short of remarkable. With the rise of NFTs, gamers now have the chance to play not only their favorite games but also own a piece of virtual real estate that has real-world value. Popular Play-to-earn gaming platform DeFi Kingdoms takes this a step forward by transforming the world of gaming and RPG into a DeFi protocol featuring tokenized resources. In a recent press release, DeFi Kingdoms announced its partnership with PlayOne Games to expand its DeFi gaming across the Web3 space.

DeFi Kingdoms Brings A Great Opportunity For PlayOne Games

DeFi Kingdoms invites players to a world filled with adventure, rewards, and a charming medieval twist. This prominent DeFi play-to-earn (P2E) RPG game is powered by the Harmony One blockchain, and its primary goal is to take users’ gaming experience to the next level. According to the blog, DeFi Kingdoms partners with PlayOne Games, the ultimate blockchain game aggregation platform with a strong and dedicated community. PlayOne Games is a hub for blockchain gamers where players can discover the latest and greatest games, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and connect with other players from around the world.

With this exciting partnership, DeFi Kingdoms and PlayOne Games are joining forces to bring new and exciting content to their communities. This is a fantastic opportunity for both platforms to grow their reach, bring new users into the world of blockchain gaming, and provide a better experience for everyone involved.

DeFi Kingdoms Leverages PlayOne Games’ Experience

PlayOne Games is making significant changes to improve the gaming experience for both players and developers. With new features like an airdrop function, game aggregator, and NFT pre-sales, PlayOne Games is becoming a one-stop shop for all things blockchain gaming.

PlayOne Games addresses three main challenges in the play-to-earn (P2E) game world. They want to make it easier for players to find information about games, give developers more ways to sell their assets, and help promote games to a broader audience. By solving these problems, PlayOne Games hopes to make the game world a better place for everyone. With these new additions, PlayOne Games is becoming a more user-friendly platform for both players and developers.

With PlayOne Games’ expertise in gaming and marketing, and DeFi Kingdoms’ unique gameplay and DeFi foundation, the sky’s the limit for what this partnership can achieve.

PlayOne Games has a strong presence in the Korean market and the Klaytn ecosystem, while DeFi Kingdoms has a global audience. This combination creates a perfect opportunity for mutual growth and expansion. This partnership also opens the door to joint events that will engage and reward both communities, helping to build awareness and excitement.


The DeFi Kingdoms project has been making waves in the gaming world, offering players a pixelated RPG experience unlike anything else. With its integration with the Avalanche blockchain, DeFi Kingdoms has opened up new play-to-earn opportunities for players and has set itself apart as a leader in the DeFi gaming space.

In a world filled with DeFi projects and games, DeFi Kingdoms stands out with its original concept of offering NFT assets in a pixelated RPG world. Players can now explore medieval taverns, banks, and gardens while earning crypto and minting their own NFTs. This unique combination has captured the attention of the gaming community and has become a fan favorite among DeFi gamers.

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