Leancoin (LEAN) announces an exchange parity 1:750 with a decentralization campaign

The Lean Management Token project started with the Student Coin organization arranging to fund for the purpose of financing the creation of the Lean Management Token ecosystem. According to the information in the first Whitepaper, the Lean Management Token ecosystem was to include:

  1. Lean Community – an organization of Lean Management practitioners using the Lean Management Token
  2. Lean Marketplace – an e-commerce platform based on the currency – Lean Management Token These platforms were intended to be created and maintained in the future.

The Core team believes that in the future there are great chances for the utility value of the token to drastically increase, so the Core team, not selling a single token, decided to make an additional effort and further develop the project.

The list of changes that are becoming a reality in the new Leancoin ecosystem is:

  1. Expansion of the token’s thematic scope, NFT, AI, Ecology, VR
  2. Change of blockchain to 99.991% cheaper and more modern than the current one
  3. Change of visual identification and project name to more attractive
  4. Adding at least 10 new utility channels where LEAN becomes a currency
  5. Establishment of higher security standards through the implementation of wallet lock-ups based on smart contracts
  6. Increase in supply and project capitalization, which opens the way to listing and meeting requirements for the top 10 crypto exchanges
  7. Token security for institutional investors
  8. Decentralization of token burning process
  9. Disconnection from the market supply of all project tokens through the vesting
  10. Opening the dedicated company for Leancoin which will be active in international collaboration and spending part of the income from IT, Consulting, and other services on Buyback.

The above changes create an opportunity for the project to increase popularity, usability, and impact on the wider community of cryptocurrency users.

The exchange rate was set at 750 Leancoins to 1 Lean Management Token considering the decentralization program – APY 50%. The exchange rate without the decentralization program will be 500 Leancoins to 1 Lean Management Token.

The swap process from Lean Management Token to Leancoin will not be limited in time.

Changes to the tokenomics are final and thought out in the best interest of the project and the ecosystem. The value of the project, including the utility value, can be increased by opening up to institutional investors and the largest exchanges, which goals will be possible to achieve with the new tokenomics.

To sum up, if a Lean Management Token holder decides to swap tokens, he/she will get 500 Leancoin for 1 Lean Management Token. The price of Leancoin will be set up in this way: current price / 500. If the holder decides to take part in the decentralization program, his wallet will be deposited with 50% of tokens that he swapped through Lean Marketplace (ratio 1:750).


Before the swap:

  • A person holds 1,000 Lean Management Token
  • Current price on CMC: 0,3$
  • Value of the wallet: 300$

After the swap:

  • The person receives 500,000 Leancoin
  • The price of the token is reduced to (0,3/500): 0,0006$
  • Value of the wallet: 300$
1 year after the swap through the Lean Marketplace (if a person decides to not touch Leancoin tokens, and price of Leancoin will not change):
  • The person holds 750,000 Leancoin
  • The price of the token: 0,0006
  • Value of the wallet: 450$
Read more about the decentralization campaign: HERE

The team will inform about next steps.

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