Introducing CoinDesk’s First Web3 Newsletter: The Airdrop

We’re excited to debut The Airdrop, our new weekly newsletter where we discuss the stories trending across Web3 that creators, collectors, builders and brands are buzzing about.

While some may still view Web3 as a marketing buzzword, blockchain-based artists, game developers and community builders have embraced the term to refer to a future internet characterized by a decentralized economy and creative ownership. It’s still early in the development of Web3 but there’s always a lot to cover.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed internet degen or are curious about the cultural and technical implications of a decentralized future, this newsletter will highlight new technologies and companies that are shaping our digital interactions and bringing Web3 to the mainstream.

Each week, I’ll break down the biggest Web3 trends and explain why they matter. I’ll also highlight podcast segments, TV interviews, upcoming NFT releases, metaverse projects on the rise and provide useful tools to help you broaden your understanding of Web3.

Thank you for reading and please email me at with any questions or suggestions for future newsletter content.

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