Introduce「Builder」and how to get it

In the article TaskOn Roles Program v3.0, we introduced in detail the five roles in the TaskOn community (Inviter, Egghead, Fixer, Creator, and Helping Hand), the role rewards, and the methods to participate. In this article, we will introduce the last major role in the TaskOn community — Builder.

What is「Builder」?

「Builder」is the role for guys who can help facilitate collaboration for TaskOn. Once get「Builder」, you will get incentives such as XPs & USDT (the only role to earn USDT directly).

The more projects you help negotiate, the higher the level of the role you will get!

How to get「Builder」?

  1. Promote TaskOn: Distribute TaskOn cooperation materials to the business development channel of other projects’ communities or the leader of other projects and get their replies. TaskOn Discord #business-ticket channel will provide corresponding materials.
  2. Assist in cooperation negotiation: If the project you contact intends to have further discussion on cooperation, guide them to the TaskOn Discord #business-ticket channel to start the negotiation. You can also create a group and invite the project and TaskOn BD to the group.
  3. Foster cooperation independently: Complete the cooperation negotiation independently, including independently contacting the project and assisting the project to publish campaign on the TaskOn platform until the campaign reward is distributed.

What are the rewards?

  1. Rewards for Promotion
50 XP for each project you promoted TaskOn to.
2. Rewards for Assistance in Negotiations

For each negotiation you assisted:

  • USDT worth of 1%-3% of the total prize pool of the campaign, if the campaign rewards can be directly traded and exchanged for stablecoins.
  • 300 XP, if the campaign rewards are not tradable.
3. Rewards for Fostering Cooperation Independently

For each cooperation you fostered,

  • USDT worth of 3%-5% of the total prize pool of the campaign, if the campaign rewards can be directly traded and exchanged for stablecoins.
  • 500 XP, if the campaign rewards are not tradable.


a. The total prize pool value is calculated after converting to stablecoins and deducting related transaction conversion costs (such as gas fees). The calculation time is based on the time when the reward is distributed to the winner’s account.

b. The specific amount of USDT rewards will be decided by the TaskOn team members who are involved in the negotiation based on the workload and the outcome of the negotiation.

How to get the rewards?

  1. Contact the TaskOn team in Discord to get into the #builder channel to receive XP and role rewards.
  2. USDT rewards will be distributed on a quarterly basis, that is, in January, April, July, and early October each year.

Other instructions

  1. In order to prevent campaign creators from participating in this event, only users who are Builder-LV2 and above can get USDT rewards.
  2. The rewards for assisting in the negotiation and independently fostering cooperation are only valid if the cooperative project party distributes the rewards according to the event rules. If not, eligible Builders can only get partial rewards or no rewards.
  3. The number of Twitter followers of the contacted project must reach at least 5k.
  4. If a user has had a cheating record or any definite or suspected cheating behavior, the user may be disqualified to get rewards.
  5. The total prize pool of the “Builder” role program is $2000 USDT. First come first served!
  6. In order to further improve the user experience, we will update the role program from time to time and will notify the update in the community announcements. The update will take effect on the date specified in the announcement. If the user does not agree to the updated content, he/she has the right to stop using related services.
  7. Users who assisted TaskOn in negotiating cooperation before the update of the rules can obtain rewards according to the above process, but users who have already received rewards before the update of the rules cannot obtain repeated rewards.
  8. The rules of this role program will be effective from 00:00:00 (UTC) on February 8, 2023 to 00:00:00 (UTC) on December 31, 2023.
  9. The TaskOn team reserves the right to interpret this campaign at its sole discretion.

About TaskOn

TaskOn is a Web3 task collaboration platform ideal for marketing and operations. It enables you to easily run campaigns to promote your brand, acquire new real users, grow your community, drive up volume, mint NFTs or manage a whitelist.

It’s a free Web3 version of Gleam, but way better, complete with a variety of templates for on-chain and off-chain tasks.

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