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As the market turned from bullish to bearish, many critics were quick to question the legitimacy of new digital collectible releases. Fortunately, the market turn wasn’t an end to the asset class as a whole, but rather to the projects that weren’t rooted in real utility. Although the utility itself varies from rallying people in support of a social cause to building a community for like-minded individuals to interact, the conclusion is clear — the real value of digital collectibles is what it represents to their collectors.

Therefore, many collections are putting the community front and center, building intentionally so that members can find value in the sense of belonging, support and connection. These digital collectible communities are also a source of information, resources and opportunities, serving as a platform for individuals to come together with their shared experiences and to encourage each other as they continue their daily hustle.

In this sense, digital collectibles often become the missing piece to confirm community membership. By holding a publicly verifiable asset of a project, its community of like-minded hustlers possesses its own ticket for admission to the community, where they often find themselves surrounded by others focused on achieving similar goals. Together, people worldwide can be united in Web3, and through community membership, they can join forces to strengthen their connections.

The “A Hard Working Man” NFT community does this by showing love for those working day in and day out: from electricians and farmers to mechanics and doctors, there is relatable artistic work for everyone on their grind.

Breathing life into the hustler community

The multi-tiered collection of over 12,000 nonfungible tokens (NTFs) comes to life with unique combinations depicting dozens of outfits and hundreds of professions representing hardworking people around the world. This collection is a tribute to these individuals’ tireless effort and determination and serves as a reminder of the importance of hard work in society.

The musical artists who produced the hit song “A Hard Working Man” — The Avila Brothers, Snoop Dog and Billy Ray Cyrus — have teamed up with metaverse entertainment company Animal Concerts and crypto media powerhouse CoinStreetDaily to capture the essence of what it means to be a hardworking person. From the demanding physical labor of construction workers to the mental and emotional demands of teaching, this collection recognizes the diverse, vital roles that hardworking individuals play in our society.

Thanks to the A Hard Working Man (AHWM) NFT collection, the song’s illustrious recording artists can share their work with the world and connect with their loyal fan base. The collection also serves as a network for collectors to collaborate and support each other with their hustles. AHWM has a tight-knit community that is constantly pushing boundaries and looking out for each other’s success.

The AHWM team is permitting all communities to participate in the Blue Collar Pass event, a presale token available for immediate purchase that allows collectors to buy an AHWM NFT at a discounted price plus other added benefits. For more information or to buy a limited-time Blue Collar Pass, use the links for the Hustler Edition or the Overachiever Edition, but the last day is February 10, 2023, so plan accordingly.

Tight-knit communities

As the community opens to the everyday hustlers, AHWM digital collectible holders will have the opportunity to engage in its community’s tight-knit conversations on Discord and Twitter Spaces and take advantage of other member-only perks. As the AHWM community grows, its creators will be able to share their aspirations and advance the future of music in Web3.

By leveraging the Animal Concerts ecosystem and upcoming metaverse, the AHWM team will be able to invite their fanbase to live metaverse concerts and immerse them in music experiences like never before. Building a community is just the first step to defining the next iteration of NFT and metaverse technology — so to get all the latest updates on the AHWM collection, one can visit the official website.

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