BitShares Blockchain Roadmap (DON’T BEG ANYONE TO GET ON THE ARK!)



As formal BitShares Blockchain core token shareholders we are responsible to one another for maintaining integrity among our culture and core values around BitShares Blockchain hence we had formed a group of BitShares Blockchain developers and believers; a great team of visionaries and developers developing the project using official GitHub page BitShares while addressing project’s features and functions over main official website and addressing the vision and mission of the BitShares Group at group website BitShares Group in order to develop and maintain this great project and it’s continuous products and innovations.
BitShares Group was formed as an independent organization acting in the best interests of BitShares Blockchain. We address BitShares Blockchain as a decentralized “Blockchain As Organization” (BAO); a financial innovation in which users incorporate with Blockchain in order to produce a secure and reliable decentralized financial enterprise and FinTech ecosystem.

BitShares Group Vision and Mission

BitShares Blockchain is described by BitShares Group as an industrial-grade decentralized Web 3.0 platform built for high-performance financial means and smart contracts operations, BitShares Blockchain enables its core token shareholders to decide its future financial products and decide how existing products work, BitShares Blockchain had successfully implemented several financial technology products such as (Utility Token, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Treasury Operations, Collaterals Risk Management Operations, Margin Trading Platform and Commodities Management System). Unlike traditional financial platforms, users of BitShares Blockchain have complete control over their values and financial means over BitShares Blockchain, which cannot be changed, frozen or seized by any third-party. In addition to allowing BitShares Blockchain users to trade their own financial means, BitShares Blockchain offers a wide range of built-in features and functions including User Issued Asset (UIA), Market Pegged Asset (MPA), Decentralized Exchange Engine (DEX), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), financial derivatives, loans, liquidity pools, Automated Market Maker (AMM), prediction market, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Hashed Time-lock Contract (HTLC), voting, and much more.
BitShares Group vision is to integrate corporate investors, companies, share holders, business assets and other financial means into a unified Open Source Blockchain ecosystem which makes financial features and functions more efficient, transparent and reliable to it’s users, Corporate shares are heavily regulated by the SEC, but none of those regulations prevent them from being issued or traded on an alternative trading system. The regulations in many jurisdictions require all shares to be registered (aka held by known identities). BitShares Blockchain corporate shares can be used as collateral for a bond or be used in any number of smart contracts.
BitShares Group is acting as an educational resource which designed to help users to understand BitShares Blockchain and below key concepts:
  1. Describe and explain BitShares Blockchain and BTS utility token use cases.
  2. Help developers to build on top of BitShares Blockchain with development materials and programming libararies.
  3. Ensure economical security to BitShares Blockchain utility and secure eco-system participants.
  4. Maintain BitShares Blockchain on going development, updates, channels high avilability and future scalability.
  5. Provide showcase resources created by the community and address their best deployment scenarios.
  6. Maintain BitShares Blockchain documentation and help resources.

BitShares Group culture and core principles

Trust: We believe trust is foundational to our mission and building trust is a slow, steady process. Trust is hard-earned and easily lost.

Relationships: We believe in close working relationships with developers and organizations that build on and contribute to the BitShares Blockchain.

Resources: We value maintaining and allocating scarce resources and support to compete on an equal playing field with other foundations in achieving our goals.

BitShares Group is at the heart of this: we need to not just serve the BitShares Blockchain community, but work with them and incorporate their feedback.
BitShares Group isn’t just the only community behind the development of BitShares as we must remember our community is global, containing people from many languages, regions, and cultures.
BitShares Blockchain is always evolving, so BitShares Group will too. That’s why the site has a simple design system & modular structure. We make iterative changes as we learn more about how people use the group site and what the community wants from it.

BitShares Group contributions and resources

1. Main website hosted at GitHub:

We’re open source, with a community of contributors, so you can propose changes or help us out too over GitHub Repo:

BitShares Blockchain is a huge work: it includes a community, a technology, a set of ideas and ideologies, and more. This means BitShares Group needs to handle many different user journeys, from “a developer who wants a specific tool” and “a newcomer who just bought some BTS and doesn’t know what a wallet is”.
2. Reference wallet platform BTS Exchange automatically deployed from GitHub:

We have a style guide to standardize certain aspects of writing content to make the contribution process smoother.

3. We welcome feedback on both the reference wallet and the style guide. Remember, BitShares Group is for the community, by the community.
Ever since the launch of BitShares Group, we strive to be transparent about how we operate. This is one of our core values because we believe transparency is crucial to BitShares Blockchain success.

The source code of this repository is licensed under the MIT License.

We use GitHub as our primary project management tool. We organize our tasks in 3 categories:

– Work in Progress

– Planned

– Implemented Features

View the full list of tasks that we’re implementing on GitHub:

Work in Progress

View the full list of tasks in progress on GitHub:


View the full list of implemented features on GitHub:

Implemented Features

For requesting a new feature please use the GitHub feature request:

Request a Feature

Do you have an idea for how to improve BitShares Group; We’d love to collaborate with you!

For More Information

Official Telegram Group:
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