ApolloX DEX Engine announces 2 new partnerships with TokenBot DEX® and Wolf Ventures

Dear ApolloX users,

We are pleased to announce two new ApolloX DEX Engine partners: TokenBot DEX® and Wolf Ventures!

A ready-to-deploy decentralized solution, the ApolloX DEX Engine provides end-to-end support to partners who are launching their new derivatives DEX. Partners also open up an additional revenue channel, sharing a minimum of 50% in profits with ApolloX. This percentage increases with trading volume.

Via uniquely branded interfaces, traders enjoy deep liquidity, an easy-to-use experience and a wide selection of perpetual contracts with leverage. Under multi-assets mode, they can also deposit multiple coins and tokens as collateral, including USDT, USDC, BNB, BUSD and more.
Users who are new to futures trading can check out the ApolloX Futures Trading Guide here.

TokenBot DEX®

TokenBot is one of the largest social networks for algorithmic and copy traders with a mission to democratize algorithmic trading for global citizens.

All TokenBot users can now trade perpetual futures on TokenBot DEX! TKB token holders automatically receive a discounted trading fee when they trade. The more TKB tokens, the higher the discount.

Read Tokenbot’s announcement here.

Wolf Ventures

Wolf Ventures is a DeFi protocol on the Fantom Opera blockchain. The team aims to drive innovation in the crypto space where inefficiencies exist, such as liquidity mining, and create new revenue opportunities for token holders.

All Wolf Ventures users can now trade perpetual futures on Wolf Ventures DEX!

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